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Toothbrushes Reviews

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Oral-B CrossAction Pro-Health Toothbrush

825 reviews

Love the effects and price, ensures and promotes mouth health. Delivers everything it describes and then some. Recommended it to my friends. Great colours for those who like specific colours
Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Truly Radiant Toothbrush

472 reviews

Good value for the price I get mine on sale at walmart...It gives a really good cleaning to the teeth like you left the dentist. Will but again in the future
Oral-B Pulsonic Power Toothbrush

227 reviews

I have used this type toothbrush for a few years now and I think it is the best at getting in all the areas and around each tooth it pulses and spins and honestly does the best job at cleaning your teeth I would never go back to a regular toothbrush since trying this one!
Oral-B 3D White Vivid Toothbrush

174 reviews

I was very happy with this toothbrush because the bristles are soft so don't hurt your gums but still effective. I also liked the size. It's not too large so fits well right to the back. I was lucky to get a set of 2 on sale. I will keep my eyes open for other sales so I can...
Colgate 360 Manual Toothbrush

70 reviews

It left my teeth feeling smooth and clean and was as effective as described. I got the medium softness and found it perfect not too soft or too hard like some others I've used previously.
Colgate 360 Enamel Health Extra Soft Toothbrush for Sensitive Teeth

20 reviews

I have very sensitive teeth including receding gum line. This makes my teeth and mouth highly sensitive and painful. This product works and I’ll continue to use again until they make something even better.
Colgate Zig Zag Deep Clean Toothbrush

2 reviews

I just bought myself one of these for $2.99 to replace my old toothbrush. It worked better at cleaning my teeth than I thought it would. I like the zig zag pattern in the bristles. The tongue cleaner works decent.
Compliments ToothBrush Cross Angled

1 review

I picked up a new toothbrush at Safeway today to store in my hospital bag so I can be as packed as possible before I go into labour. Compliments toothbrushes are really great value and look identical to the more expensive alternatives.
Sensodyne pronamel toothbrush

2 reviews

This is the only toothbrush I can use having sensitive teeth and gums as the bristles are so soft is gentle enough that is doesn’t irritate them any more and the texture of the bristles is different from other toothbrushes. Feel as if my teeth are still being cleaned well.
Oral-B Pro-Health Manual Toothbrush

2 reviews

The Oral-B Pro-Health Manual Toothbrush works nicely in removing plaque. The toothbrush is designed with angled crisscross bristles to clean teeth of plaque and minimize plaque buildup. As a person of shorter stature, the smaller toothbrush works great for my mouth size...
Colgate Slim Soft Charcoal Toothbrush

9 reviews

I love this toothbrush. It’s soft and gentle on my teeth. I only use it a couple of times per week but it is good at getting in between the teeth. And use it with charcoal toothpaste
Oral B CrossAction Electric Toothbrush Head

2 reviews

I really like this replacement brush, it is great with removing the plaque and works well with the Oral B brand of brushes. I would purchase it again.
Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush

18 reviews

The Philips Sonicare diamondclean leaves my teeth feeling refreshing and clean like I just left my dentist office. The charge last over 5 days before needing to be recharged.
Oral B Braun Professional Care 3000 Electric Toothbrush

27 reviews

Very good at getting between teeth for a deep clean. The circluar head does brush awY plaque and leaves my teeth feeling clean and smooth. Very good toothbrush
Oral B Vitality Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

30 reviews

J’en suis à ma 2e brosse à dent et j’adore le rapport qualité-prix est excellent. Je fais beaucoup de tartres et avec cette brosse à dents mon dentiste est restée surprise comment je n’en avait presque plus depuis que je l’utilise ! La batterie dure quelques jours...
Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean Toothbrush 4500

1 review

If you're looking to compare to the 'Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean Toothbrush 4100 White HX6817/01' model then it's really more of a preference thing. The only two additions to this model over the 4100 is an extra 'gum-cleaning' mode and the addition of a travel case. In...
Philips Sonicare Essence + Plaque Control Toothbrush

2 reviews

My dentist and hygienist recommended the Philips Sonicare electric brush- I had always used a manual toothbrush. Wow- what took me so long to make the switch? My teeth and gums look cleaner and healthier- absolutely no gum soreness. Coffee stains- gone! The timer is a good...
Oral B 7000

15 reviews

I always trust oral b for my toothbrushing necessities. This is another great brush from them. It’s effective at whiter teeth and has nice features to use.
Phillips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush

18 reviews

It was my first electric toothbrush ever. It does cleans my teeth but not as good as I expected it to do. And the worst part is the annoying buzzing sound that it makes when I turn it on. I don’t know if I would recommend it.
GUM Technique Deep Clean

2 reviews

Got one of these from my dentist and have since bought a few more. I use it to brush a few times a week as I normally use my electric toothbrush. My oral hygienist suggested using this as well due to the fact that the smaller bristles will actually go slightly into the gun line...